Struggling with your devices or the Internet? Bought a new device and not sure how to set it up? We can help you!

Installation and Setup

Bought another "toy", e.g. a phone or a tablet, and not quite sure how to make it work? Trying to add a new notebook to your home network? Setting up a new connection to the Internet?

We can help you with:

  • Hardware installation*
  • Software installation
  • Backup
  • Device setup
  • Internet
  • Wi-Fi
  • and more...

Hardware installation*

Adding a new hard drive (internal or external), adding a second (or a third?) screen to your computer, setting up a printer or showing you how to scan documents should not be difficult.

Software installation

Not sure how to install or setup new software? Trying to setup or add a new email account? Whether it is on your phone, tablet or notebook, we can help you.


If you care about your data, you need a regular backup. Some devices are easier to backup to the cloud (phones, tablets), some may be backed up locally (desktop and notebook computers). We can explain to you the available options and set it up for you.

Device setup

We can help you install your new phone, tablet, notebook, desktop, printer, scanner and almost anything else. And make them all work together - sync emails and social accounts, sync contacts between your computer and your notebook, listen to your music library on almost any device, and more.


Having a bad Internet access connection setup that slows you down is no fun. And leaving your router in the default factory state can expose your home network and devices to attack.


We can help you make sure that your Wi-Fi network is setup correctly. It should allow you to connect as many devices as you want but keep everybody and everything else out.

and more...

You need assistance with something not specifically mentioned here? Talk to us and we can most likely help you.

Support and Repair

Something is not working as expected? No Internet access or your Wi-Fi suddenly quit?

Call us if you need help with:

  • Hardware replacement*
  • Spyware and virus removal***
  • Email troubleshooting
  • Internet access and Wi-Fi
  • and more...

Hardware replacement*

Hard drives don't last forever and that is true of lots of components. Sometimes you can replace the failed component yourself but at other times you could use a bit of help.

Spyware and virus removal**

Spyware, malware or a virus can infect one of your computers/notebooks or mobile devices easily. All it usually takes is one click. Should you get infected, we are here to help you recover as much as is possible and get you going again.

Email troubleshooting

Not everything can be communicated using the latest social apps and when email fails, it can be a problem. If it happens, we can figure out where the problem is and how to get it working again.

Internet access and Wi-Fi

Internet access and a working Wi-Fi is essential these days. Sometimes the problem is with your ISP, sometimes the problem is with one of your devices. We can usually figure out real fast what is going on and suggest a solution.

and more...

You need assistance with something not specifically mentioned here? Talk to us and we can most likely help you.

* - Our ability to service, replace or add hardware depends on the device manufacturer, model, etc. In some cases the only option may be to contact the manufacturer or the retailer. Please call us for details.

** - Depending on the virus/malware/spyware, the only possibility may be to either reinstall everything from a backup or perform a "clean" install. Please note that spyware and/or virus removal can be time-consuming and may have to be performed on our premises to save you money.

If you need a reliable local support that is knowledgeable and quick to respond, please contact us by email or call us at (843) 732-6522.

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